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Consignment FAQs

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Shopping FAQs

How does consignment work?

Consignment means you get paid after the items sell; there is no money up front. We accept only items we think we can sell, and we determine the selling prices. Consignors receive 40% to 50%.  For full details on payments and splits, review our Contract.

What things do you accept?

Kids clothes, toys, baby gear... a little bit of everything, for the most part! But we do have certain criteria on age, brands, condition, etc.  For full details, and the list of items we don't take, review our Consignment page. 

Do I need to wash or assemble my items?

Yes! All items need to be freshly washed.  Baby gear with fabric seats, high chair straps, etc should be removed, washed, and reinstalled.  ​ Everything must come in ready for sale- including working batteries.  We do not have time to wash or assemble your items items.  If you need to disassemble items for transport, you can reassemble when you arrive.

Do my things need batteries?

Yes, everything must come in ready for sale. This means working batteries so customers can test them out, all pieces organized, washed, and assembled. 

Who sets the prices?

We set the prices of all items. We take into consideration the original/current selling price, condition and age.  Supply and demand plays a part, too. We try to find a happy middle ground for both the shopper and consignor.  Items that sit in store don't make anyone any money!

If you are particularly concerned about the price of your items, you should browse the store to get a feel for how we price things.  If you're still unsure, consider selling your items on your own first (since you'd get 100% of that sale), and if you don't have luck, consign them here.

Do I need an appointment?

It depends. Consignors can drop off up to 30 pieces of seasonal clothing, along with a few smaller misc/toy items, without an appointment- **but only during our open drop off sessions**.  When we get overwhelmed with inventory, we update our website to say drop offs are suspended.  For your convenience, always check our website before coming in.


If you have baby gear, big items, or a large volume non-clothing drop off, you need to arrange a drop off with us in advance. You can do this via email, social media message, or phone call.


Why is there a drop off limit?

Due to the high volume of inventory coming in, we limit consignors to 30 clothing pieces once a month.  We ask that you pre-sort and bring us only your 30 best-selling items [find out what that is here].  Thank you for respecting our policies.

Why didn't you take my things?

It could be condition, age, style, brand, or season.  Ultimately, it's because it's not something our customers are buying.  To ensure you're bringing in items we are likely to take, review our "What Sells Best" page in detail. 



How does payment work?

You can use credit to shop at any time (it feels like shopping for free!), or request a check at the end of the consignment period.  Small amounts may be store credit only.  For full payment details, review our contract. 


How do I know what you're taking of mine?

The first time you consign with us, we will either go through your items together, or you have the option to get a follow-up call and pick up unaccepted items (you must notate this on your contract).   This way you get feedback on what kind of things we take.


On subsequent drop offs, we will either donate or dispose of items we cannot sell.  If there is anything you'd prefer to donate yourself or pass onto a friend, do not leave it.


What happens to unsold inventory?

Unsold items remain on the selling floor (space permitting) for our end of season clearance. The remaining unsold items are donated to charity.

If you want unsold items returned to you, you must call within 7 days of the end of the 60-day consignment period. We will pull items priced at $10.00 and over, and have them ready with your payment within a week.  Consignors picking up unsold clothing will be *limited to 2 drop offs* each year.

What charities do you donate to?

We regularly donate to a few local charities.  We have them listed on our  Links page.

What does seasonal clothing mean?

We accept clothing a bit ahead of the actual season, just like department stores.  Spring starts early January, summer following shortly after that. Fall begins June/July, and winter around Aug,  For example, spring items are t-shirts, light long sleeves, raingear,  light jackets, capris, sweatshirts, etc.  Fall items would be transitional light long sleeves, pants/jeans, sweaters, flannels, etc.  Heavy winter, snowgear, holiday items should come in later..  

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Is your inventory clean?

Consignors must bring their items in freshly laundered or wiped down, and we do our best to screen items so that only the best hits the sales floor.  Items noticed to be dirty upon intake are returned to the consignor for washing.


But customers do test out items in store, and sometimes things slip by our quality control, so you may prefer to wash items with your favorite cleaner before using.  Most baby gear items have removable, machine washable fabric.


Are used items safe?

Upon intake, we give all items a brief check to ensure that they are in safe, working order.  

We also follow guidance from the CPSC and keep recalled items off the sales floor (or order the proper replacement parts when available).  But since safety recommendations are constantly changing, it is the responsibility of the customer to stay up to date on recalls, and ensure you have installed and are using items according to manufacture's instructions.


You have 7 days to test out and return any product that does not meet your satisfaction.  We are happy to help you track down instruction manuals and give guidance however we can so you feel comfortable with your purchases.  

When do you put new inventory on the sales floor?

Every. Single. Day.  No, really.  On average, we put out a few hundred pieces daily but have reached over 700 items some days. The Cottontails you visited yesterday is not the same as the Cottontails today!

Do you haggle?

Items are priced as marked and we do not haggle. However, we do mark down items periodically after they have been in the store for an extended period.  ​We also hold store-wide sales throughout the year (sign up for our emails to know when!).

Do you accept returns?​

Yes! We are proud to offer a 7 day return policy so that you can shop with confidence.


With the exception of end-of-season clearance or specially marked items, everything in store has a 7 day return policy.  You must have both your receipt and the item tag in order to receive a refund.


If you only have the receipt or tag but not both, exceptions may be made at the store's discretion, as long as you are within the 7 day window.   Make sure your purchases are rung up under your account- this will make the process easier.  Returns/exchanges are not accepted after 7 days and the consignor is paid.

Do you have a wish list?

Yes, we do take names for customers looking for certain items and do our very best to follow up, but sometimes are not able to.  It's a good idea to watch our Instagram or Facebook stories to see new items posted as they come in, or to call periodically. 

Do you hold items?

Yep! For most items, we can hold through closing the same or following day; no payment necessary. You must come in to pay for an item- we do not accept phone or online payments for items that have not been seen personally in-store.  We do not offer layaway.

What payments do you take?

We accept credit cards (Mastercards, Visa, Discover, Amex) as well as Apple, Saumsung Pay & Google Wallet.  We do not accept checks, or Venmo/Zelle.

Do you have an online store?

No, we only sell items in-store, in-person.  However, we do post new and unique inventory to our social media stories on a daily basis and are able to do same/next day holds.

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