Consigning at Cottontails:
The Basics

You receive 40% to 50% of the final selling price (40% for items priced under $50; 50% for anything over $50)  after items sell.  Cottontails sets the price. 


You can use your store credit to shop any time, or request a check at the end of the consignment period. 


For full details, please review our consignment agreement prior to coming in. You can download a copy here. 


How it works &
what we accept

We take clothing (in-season sizes newborn to around 14/16 and maternity), toys, and baby gear items that follow these guidelines:

  • Everything must be freshly cleaned and in excellent condition

  • Toys and baby gear/accessories need to have all of their pieces organized together,  including working batteries. 


  • All items need to be current, so purchased new in the past couple of years: no hand-me-downs or items you’ve hung onto a while.  


Due to the volume of inventory we receive on a daily basis, we need you to take the time to wash, neatly folded, and pre-sort your items before you come in (no stains, pet hair, wrinkles, etc). Bring us only your best. 


All items must come in ready for sale.  We do not have time to button buttons, match up sets, clean items, or test new batteries,

🙏💗 Thank you for understanding and following our guidelines and limits. 💗 🙏



Clothing items we do not accept: 

Bargain brands such as Circo, Garanimals, Gerber, etc.  For lower-end brands like Old Navy, Jumping Beans, Wonderkids, etc.  we will take only new/like-new items or sets.  We do not need baby onesie shirts or separates that were originally sold as sets.


We do not accept ‘grown up’ brands or styles, and take very little of fast-fashion brands like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. 

Toy and baby gear items we do not accept:

Full-size cribs, diaper genies, breast pumps, room decor, or bedding sets.  No stuffed animals, puzzles with over 24-48 pieces, opened board games, or DVDs.  Sets with lots of pieces or items that are difficult to display may not be accepted.


How to bring in items

For clothing


Clothing is accepted through our "Drop & Donate" option only:

You may bring in a maximum of 30 pieces of clothing, up to 2x per month.


We will look through your items at later time and donate anything that we cannot accept for sale. No appointment is needed.

**Clothing consignment is suspended periodically so check our website before coming in (Find the status here).

For toys/baby gear

Once you go through your items, call or message us to schedule a drop off.  We will look through the items while you are here and give back any unaccepted items.

 If you have just 2-3 small toys that fit inside your bag or box (or 5-10 books/DVDs) you may leave them with your 30 pieces of clothing. 


Clothing Consignment Status:

First time consigning with us?


​Ask an employee for a contract. First-time clothing consignors have the option to pick up unaccepted items so you get a better feel for what we accept. Please alert an employee if this is your preference. Otherwise, unaccepted items will be donated.