Consignment details & what we accept

New consignors: click to review our contract

Clothing and seasonal items​​

Our seasonal schedule is similar to department stores: ​

●Spring in mid-Jan 

●Summer in mid-February

●Fall in July

● Winter in August


​​(Maternity accepted a month or so behind kids' seasons)​

Toys and Baby Gear

  • Must be cleaned thoroughly and in working condition
  • Have batteries if necessary
  • All their pieces organized
  • Must not be recalled for any reason



Schedule Update:

More Spring/Summer appointments open Feb. 20 at 7am



Style & Brand Specifics

  • Current styles purchased new in the past three years
  • From better department stores (Macy's, Nordstroms, Lord & Taylor) or children's specialty stores  (Janie & Jack, Gap, Children's Place, Gymboree).

How to present them

  • Clothing must be laundered, folded neatly into boxes or paper shopping bags (no plastic bags, please). 
  • Keep sets folded together and put dressy items on hangers/outside the bag to keep from wrinkling. 
  • Please zip, button and snap.  Double check that items are free from stains, tears, and odor!

How to consign

The basics

1)  For clothing appointments, schedule via (see box at right for details).  If you have toys or equipment, call to make arrangements over the phone, or

let us know you will bring them in with your clothing appointments.  ​


2)  You may bring in between 15-50 of your best clothing items. We will look at them while you wait, and give back anything we don't think will sell.  ​

​3)  Items will stay out for sale for 60 days. You receive 40% of the final selling price for items priced under $50.00 and 50% for all items that sell for over $50.00.

Scheduling Online
Tips & Info: Read this first!

We open up 6 weeks of appointments at a time and always send out an email alert to our clients ahead of time. Appointments book quickly, so don't delay!

If you are unable to access the schedule calendar, it means appointments are closed.  We will not be able to fit anyone in if you call. 

Do not book online unless you have at least 15 items of clothing (maximum is 50 pieces, sets count as one).  If we accept less than ten pieces,  we will return them for a future appointment so please bring us your best.


Remember your Schedulicity site login and password.  You will need it each time you schedule or cancel an appointment.  We cannot help you if you forgot a password, so write it down.

Markdowns & Unsold Items

Clothing is marked down 25% after 30 days and 50% after 45 days, and for some sales. Items may remain on the selling floor after 60 days, space permitting, for end-of-season clearance.

All unsold items are donated to charity (including Lunch Break, MCSPCA Thrift Shop, One Small Wish, and Bridges).   If you want your unsold items returned to you, you must call within 7 days of your consignment period, and are limited to consigning twice a year.

Payments and Store Credit
Consignors are paid after items sell.  You may request a check after your consignment period has ended or after your account exceeds $35.00.  Checks must be requested ahead of time for mail or pick up.  Drop-ins for may not be honored same day.


Credit on account does not expire and can be used any time. Consignors whose accounts do not accumulate more than $15.00 per 60 day consignment period will receive store credit only.

items we do not accept

VHS tapes, stuffed animals, TV plug-in games, opened/used boxed games or puzzles, recalled items, older equipment (age requirement depends on the item; please call to confirm), hand-me-down items, baths, diaper genies, crib bedding.  For ethical reasons, we do not sell fur or fur trim.


NEW CHANGES:  As of February 2014, we no longer accept any bedding sets

or decorative items.

Consigning Tips:


The better your items look, the more items we'll take, and the more $$$ you'll make!

Buttons buttoned please

Wrinkle, stain, and odor free​

Clean and ready for sale

Current items and styles only